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The Next upcoming posts in the Health Section of the Herald will be on smoking and thoughtful eating. The former topic is sensitive, and we hope to approach from a hope-giving, understanding, and realistic perspective. It will complement/prepare the way for the 5 Day Stop Smoking Program in the middle of April. If any of you have any thoughts or experiences please comment.

This past week, I had a very honest conversation with a Sewanee janitor who’s from Grundy. Besides starting work before sunrise, she’s a mother and wife. She emphasized the importance of healthy initiatives at school, for the importance of eating healthily at home and daily exercise is not stressed; it’s not a priority and more importantly it’s not economically viable in most cases. Parents are just thankful that their children are not cutting classes, doing drugs, or in jail. And as long as they are fed in the most general sense, everything will be okay. However, we both understood that habits start when kids are young and that their well being is definitely shaped by their environment. She said that she knew there was a problem in the system with how kids ate and lived, lifestyle wise, but working or absent parents simply don’t have time. There was a close encounter with tears on both sides of the conversation, but with a warm embrace, she imparted her hope in our efforts. Please share your thoughts. They’d be much appreciated. Peace, Ben Almassi


2 thoughts on “Herald Happenings

  1. Ben- What a great conversation to have. The Movement Program would love to hear any suggestions she had about specific things that could help her as a parent provide better nutrition to her family. These things are hard, as we have all experienced. Physical activity is made that much harder by being obese. With 25 pounds of extra weight, its not enjoyable to move around and sweat. Nutrition is hard too, especially for families with 2 working parents, or single parent homes. Nutritious groceries are expensive, and uneasy to come by around here. It is often easier to eat a quick, but more processed meal. I can only imagine the difficulty of knowing that a child is hungry, and with all the other issues going on, nutrition can fall to a low priority as long as taste buds are happy and tummies are full. I’m not entirely sure what the best way for us to begin to address this is, but in our Diabetes Prevention Presentation to the parents we need to make it a feasible thing for them

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