Energy audit #3

This week we visited a second house on Gudger Road.  Cindy’s house was just down the street.  The residents were an elderly couple, and the man seemed to be nearing the end of his life.  His wife was still working and also took care of her husband.  She was very open to share her family problems with us, a recurring theme throughout our visits.

The house was in so-so condition, which is not surprising to see for an older couple.  There was nothing horribly wrong.  It was just clear that they were not physically able to repair the house, and may lack money to pay for repairs.  Gutters were falling apart and their garage door had a broken window.  She related that one of her children was too busy to help, and the other one had debilitating health problems.

We set up the blower door and found a few leaks, but overall the house was pretty tight.  John and Elizabeth caulked some things in the bathroom.  I was going to turn their hot water heater down a few degrees and we found they had a new unit with a digital thermostat.  It was quite fancy and easy to adjust.  We replaced some burnt out bulbs   as well as some incandescent bulbs with CFLs.  It was determined that the faucets and shower were flowing nicely.

Ian, Ben, and I helped set up an improvised clothes line in her side yard.  Apparently it was a life long dream of hers to have one, so it was nice to fulfill that.  Ben also fixed the broken window in the garage back door.  This house had 3 refrigerators and 1 large chest freezer, which is the same setup as Cindy’s house!  Kind of strange, but we told her that she could consolidate her goods and unplug her extra refrigerators.  She was worried that the refrigerators would break if unplugged, but we assured her that she would just save energy.  We are getting much quicker at our energy audits and may soon be able to complete two in one day!



2 thoughts on “Energy audit #3

  1. I feel as though this house from Audit #3 and the house from Audit #2 are very similar. The home owners have debilitating health problems that impair them from being able to keep up with the fixes needed to maintain there homes. Drake pointed out the fridge and freezer situation in both houses. Another similarity was that the attic did not have any insulation, just like the previous week. I think this house could be another candidate for the blow in insulation. We gave the same advice to this homeowner as we did with the previous week’s homeowner. If they can find a way to clear out the attic, then we can try to hire a contractor for the insulation. Cindy took us up quickly on this offer, I wonder if this homeowner will do the same!

  2. I like that you are seeing similar problems – how can we address this? Who knew that old appliances bestowed on homeowners might actually create an unanticipated expense? As you noted in the last post, blowing insulation is not inexpensive.

    Good work – especially the dedication to the blog! DM

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