Folks at Home Energy Audit

This week, the energy audit crew visited Sewanee’s own Folks at Home.  Daniel Church led the group, which included Ben, Drake, Ian, Sega, John, Catherine, and myself.  Folks at Home is non-profit organization providing services that allow the elderly to age in the comfort of their own home.  The Folks at Home office is located right beside Hunter Hall.  Upon our arrival, the F@H director, Kathleen O’Donohue, gave us a brief rundown on where our energy efficiency expertise was most needed.  Although a previous audit and some repairs were completed as recently as last year, there are still some areas in dire need of a tune-up.  This is not all surprising, given that the Folks at Home office was constructed in 1866! This makes the Folks at Home a historical landmark as well as the third oldest building on campus, behind only Rebel’s Rest and Dr. Potter’s home.  

We started right away with a door blower test and began caulking the most obvious leaks in windows.  We also installed weathering strips under a door and sealed up a gaping hole under the bathroom sink.  Unfortunately, our team was supply-limited.  We were unable to address other issues simply because we did not have the needed materials.  Hopefully, we will be able to return and finish up the feasible aspects of the job, especially installing more weather strips.  However, some repairs, such as putting in new windows, may be beyond our current capabilities.  Although we did not get to address every possible repair, overall it was a successful audit!

– GabbyImage


2 thoughts on “Folks at Home Energy Audit

  1. I found this audit to be rewarding in a slightly different way than the previous audits. Making a building more energy efficient is the similarities with all of our audits, but I enjoyed how close this audit was to our everyday lives. Now, on the way to downtown Sewanee, on foot or in car, I will be able to look at this Folks at Home building and know our team did a little work to make this historic building more sustainable.

    • I agree – and Kat really does appreciate the work! How come you are hiding behind the sign? Glad you get to see the fruits of your labor regularly!

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