Derosset House: Energy Audit

On April 4th we went to Susan Holmes and Greg Maynard’s home on Tennessee Avenue. This building is a very old, beautiful space that they now use as a Bed and Breakfast. The Derosset House has had numerous renovations in the last several years including increased insulation in the walls and double paned windows installed. Due to the high ceilings and large area of the house (approximately 4,000 square feet), we knew the house was going to be less energy efficient.


Here is a ranked list of the different things we saw:


1) Repairing the large hole in the upstairs room off the bedroom. This is a larger problem with rotting boards, etc but sealing up that whole will be HUGE for savings


2) Weatherstripping on front door


3) Replace incandescent to CFLs


living room (3), back bathroom, dining room (could be replaced with LEDs), upstairs back hallway, residence bedroom


4) Weatherstrip door to basement


5) Low-flow sink faucets and shower heads

Locations: back bathroom, bathroom off laundry room, upstairs back hall bathroom (shower too)


6) Seal windows


small leak in largest window office/sunroom (bottom left corner and right side of midline)

Double pane and seal windows in breakfast nook

back bathroom could use double pane windows

laundry room windows need to be sealed


7) Power strip appliances in kitchen


8) Power strip appliances in tv room


9) Plug various small holes:


under sink in laundry room (use clay or caulk)

under sink in laundry room bathroom

hole near lightswitch in castle room

seal holes in dryer pipes

While we could not use our resources to help her fix these problems (Ms. Holmes does not qualify for financial assistance) we presented this list to her in order of what we thought was most important for her to fix to have the greatest impact on her energy use.

Ms. Holmes would also like us to mention that as a Bed and Breakfast on campus, her house is open for rental (you can rent one room, multiple rooms, or the entire house). Please feel free to contact her at (931) 598-0274 or for inquiries.



1 thought on “Derosset House: Energy Audit

  1. Thank you for your dedication to the audits. Your feedback in the essays was very helpful to improving the program! I hope you continued with the follow up letters. Where is the photograph of you and the homeowner!?

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