An update from Linnea and Ben

“First, Check out our latest article in the Herald:

Second, the Health Counsel meeting this past week was a good mix of logistics and discussion. On matters of discussion, we realized that there’s a huge divide between local and state understanding as well as funding of community problems, namely smoking. Framing the problems not as a personal health hazard or bad habit, but as a public health concern is a promising route of addressing them. Secondly, Dr. Peterman spoke about how some of his students interviewed patients in Beersheba about their thoughts on the ACA. He expressed his difficulty in gauging opinions. In retrospect, after speaking with a McClurg worker, Mrs. Doris, talk of her own healthcare status as she works part-time at McClurg and has Medicare, I unexpectedly found myself in a position where I indirectly addressed the ACA and how with any piece of law and politics there are promises to be made and to be broken, but from what i’ve learned, this is one mighty, hopeful step in growing closer as a nation and changing medicine for the better that reduces waste and increases eligibility which will hopefully pave the road for accessibility. Providing words of assurance and encouragement without the burden of details was key to ending the conversation with a warm rub on Ms. Doris’s back.”


1 thought on “An update from Linnea and Ben

  1. Linnea and Ben – I am a fan of your health check column, “liking” every article! This was a challenging CE assignment but I think you stepped up and wrote articles that were relevant, accessible and the right length. I am thrilled to know that you will continue to write monthly this fall. I know that our friends at the Grundy County Health Council feel the same. Thank you for your devotion to this project! DM

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