New Games at Tracy City!

So I tried to post this earlier…aka last week when it happened, but couldn’t get it to work. HOPEFULLY IT WORKS THIS TIME!

By the time Kate and I got to Tracy City on Tuesday all the kids were already outside. It was an INSANELY gorgeous day, perfect for some outdoors Capture the Flag! (or ball as it was in our case…) We got a couple balls from the gym and some of those flags that clasp around your waste, you know the ones you wear in middle school when you play flag football? We headed out to the playground, where instead of PLAYing, every kid was just sitting around! Either on the ground, or on the swings (but not swinging…) until Kate and I walked up. Then they all ran to meet us!!! And were yelling “MARY!!! KATE!! YOU’RE HERE!” It was so awesome, they were so excited to see us. Most of them hadn’t heard of Capture the Flag before, so we had to explain it. Of course most didn’t get the point until we started playing.

We assigned them to teams 1 and 2, team 1 got the flags–everyone wanted the flags. We started playing: the balls in each soccer goal, if you get tagged you’re in jail. Team 2 (my team) won first-WAHOOOOO! We just kept playing and playing, game after game. 



They don’t follow rules too well….they kept switching teams and sneaking out of jail to steal the flag…but at least they were moving!!! That’s all we were worried about!

We eventually exhausted them from Capture the Flag, so we of course posed for a photo op:



That’s my main girl Ally and little Jarien.

Then we swung and just talked and sang our favorite songs. They sure do love that country!



I think Tuesday was the day we taught them “Little Sally Walker” and boy do they love that! And not only the girls, the boys play too! But then we sing “Little Johnny Walker.” We played that a lot Thursday, they can just keep dancing and dancing and never stop! One of the teachers even told us the kids started playing it during recess when we weren’t even there! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? It feels so great to know they remember what you teach them!

Thursday we set up an obstacle course for them-hop to different hula hoops, dribble soccer ball through some cones, jump rope (or jumping jacks) 10 times, then run back! and they LOVED that! They never wanted to stop! We had to up the difficulty and make it LEVEL 2! Bum bum bum…..nevertheless they rocked that too. 

Thursday night was a big night for some of our little cuties…double header baseball game!! We had kids on both teams–so Kate, our friend Margaret, and I all went! Ally drew us the cutest little map with how to get there. Unfortunately we still couldn’t read it, and went to the wrong baseball game first-OOPS! But there we asked someone else to read our map, luckily they could and told us exactly where to go! Ally’s team lost both games, but her best friend, and another kid we know, Austin, his team won both! So it was bittersweet for us. They were SO HAPPY we went to the games though! Made us feel super popular with all the kids yelling after us!





1 thought on “New Games at Tracy City!

  1. Reading this post brought sunshine into my day! Thank you so much for going to the ballgame. I see from the look on the young player’s face, that it really made him happy! I hope that you can continue this work in the fall because the kids love you (and you made a difference)!
    Thank you both for your commitment to this project this semester!

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