EYES: Week 3

Kickball with the Kids!

Kickball with the Kids!

This week, the kids really wanted to mix things up and go outside first.  It had been such a gloomy weekend so it was nice to play outside — and what’s more fun than kickball?  It’s always so much fun to play with the kids, plus, it’s a great way to get to know them.  Every week I feel like we are being accepted more and more and this week was certainly no exception.  Since we know the after-school routine now, we can really put 100% of our time towards the kids.  Besides kickball, my favorite part of the visit was helping out with homework.  Now, we do this every visit, but this time, since the kids know us and have become comfortable with us, they were excited about the tutoring.  Even during the kickball game, kids were approaching Caitlin and I with homework questions.  Not to be cheesy, but it was almost heartwarming to see little kids excited about learning.  I sure did feel like I made a difference…..*sniff

We have some big plans for the future that we’ll be putting into motion before the break. EYES has a pretty lax field trip system, so we plan to take advantage of that.  As said in the previous blogs, we’ll be taking the kids to a Sewanee lacrosse game, Perpetual Motion, and possibly a hike to the cross (with a tasty picnic).  Also, this week one of the volunteers suggested that we end the semester at the local Cornbread Festival!  I’ve never been, but the kids have told me how fun it is.  I think a few of them are even going to be submitting their own recipes!  These plans for the future are some things to look forward to.  Taking the best from both worlds, we’ll introduce them to healthy diets and activities while they bring us to their famous festival.  We get to share with them some of the University culture in exchange for their own.

Mentioned before, the possibility of a government grant is a HUGE deal.  We’re beginning to contact past grant-writers and are anxious for their reply.  It is a daunting process, but a grant would provide just the financial boost that EYES needs.  In the meantime, we’ll try and do a smaller-scale fundraiser here at Sewanee.  These collected funds will go towards a healthier snack and a more kid-friendly building.  We’ve got some work to do!

—   Henry Mentz


1 thought on “EYES: Week 3

  1. Hey EYES guys,
    Nice job! I am inspired by how you all are helping facilitate the kids steps towards holistic health: incorporating the physical, mental (answering HW problems), and nutritional dimensions to becoming healthy. I haven’t been to the cornbread festival, but it sounds awesome, and the fact that kids are making their own recipes is outstanding. Perhaps help them refine them with healthy alternatives to certain ingredients (ie butter, yolks, sugar). http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes_menus/collections/healthy_cornbread_recipes. Good luck on the grant; it’s going to require patience! If you guys are taking them to athletic games and student events; maybe utilize those events as opportunities to inform the community and fundraise. For PMO get into contact with Rebekah Hildebrandt, the president or Dean Hartmann. Ben Almassi

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